Monday, March 5, 2012

A Boat

I hope that you sense that I am excited!  Excited about a boat?  Darn skippy!  Yesterday we loaded up in the car and went to Brassingtons Trail Shop in Gainesville.  The purpose of the trip was to look at and maybe buy a kayak.  We not only looked at...but we bought two (2) of them.  One for me and one for him.  I have been waiting since 1998 for a kayak.  My first kayak trip hooked me!  I mean HOOKED!  Soon.  Very, very soon.  I will be posting pictures of my kayak alongside my husbands kayak.
What kind did we buy?
Wilderness Systems, Pungo 120 and Pungo 140.  I cannot wait to hit the rivers!  Hey, maybe, just maybe I will see you there.

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