Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chain of Events

This is an event from last year.  We went on one of our 3 mile walks and as we were walking, we heard a really loud "pop".  Of course we turned to where we had heard the noise and at that point "it was on".  By that I mean that we were about a block away from where the "pop" came from and we had to R-U-N.
We had to run because a crow had somehow touched the power line and the transformer the pole and the transformer that was at the top of the pole.  The "pop" noise was the crow being electrocuted.  The contact that the crow made shorted out the transformer and make an electrical spark.  Needless to say that the electrical spark started a fire at the bottom of the pole.  Yes, it's dry here in Florida.  More so now than it was a year ago.
The fire was spreading very, very fast.  I sure have to hand it to my kids, because they rode their bikes really fast and then jumped off the bikes to fight the fire.  My fat behind out of shape self, came lagging behind to bark orders give instructions .  "Use your helmets.  Get sand from here."  Blah, blah, blah...  I was dialing 911 and giving the info to the dispatcher as fast as I could.

I think it sounded more like this...
Run oh my gosh puff puff blow pant there's a fire, run boys, faster, at the intersection of...puff blow puff, oh dear, yes we are on 107 Street blow puff puff puff puff, use your helmet get sand from the road they need to hurry it's spreading fast puff, blow puff puff.....

Neighbors started coming out of their homes because they had no electricity.  One neighbor brought over a shovel.  He would use it for a minute and then I would use it a minute.  Gosh, I sure gotta tell ya...When you are excited, ya can't breath!  I really did think at one point that the fire was going to get the best of us.  It was touch and go for maybe 7 or 8 minutes.
My boys used their helmets to carry sand from the side of the dirt road to help put out the fire.  In the video you can see that the fireman was kind enough to rinse out their helmets.  What a great bunch!